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Seattle REconomy now has a second use building materials store at the Shoreline Tool Library location. Our goal is to divert materials from the landfill and reduce the consumption of new items. Come in and check out all the amazing materials we have!

Materials Donations

Please fill in the materials donation form with details and photos of the items you wish to donate so we can let you know if we can accept them. We strongly encourage you to drop off donations because our pickup capacity is extremely limited. If you need us to pickup your items, we can coordinate a donation pick up for a fee.

We do not accept materials that are damaged, missing pieces, or that need time-intensive assembly or repair.

We are now accepting high quality, clean building materials in the following categories:

  • 6 feet or longer
    • We will accept some smaller pieces if the wood is high quality hard wood
  • Straight
  • Unpainted and no nails
  • Plywood must be 1/2 sheet or bigger

  • We are only accepting new flooring at this time
  • At least 100 sq. feet

  • Working and clean door knobs, hinges, and handles
  • Outlets and light switches
  • Brand new work gloves and garden gloves

  • Window hardware must work well
  • Absolutely no cracks or chips
  • Double pane glass must not have moisture between panes (no fogging)
  • Frames must not have any rot or structural damage

  • No hollow core doors or empty door jambs
  • No twisting, rotting, holes, or obvious damage

  • Brand new (never opened) cans of paint
  • Unused paint brushes and rollers
  • Unused paint supplies such as tape, plastic, drop cloths, etc.

  • We want to be careful with lighting, so please send a picture and we can let you know
  • Must be fully functional
  • No older than 10 years
  • No fluorescent lights

  • No more than seven years old
  • Fully functional with working parts
  • Nothing larger than a microwave

Please check out our page about tool donations, but generally:

  • We accept most tools!
  • Must be fully functional with no missing parts (must have battery and charger)
  • No gas-powered tools
  • No or minimal rust 

We are generally not accepting the following at this time:

  • Furniture, toilets, tile, sinks, cabinets

Regardless, feel free to email us with pictures if you have something of particular value you would like to donate!

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