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Tile Flooring

I had a bathroom with linoleum flooring that I wanted to replace with tile. We also knew there had been a water leak under the toilet and some warping under the linoleum in that area, so we needed to assess the damage. Since this was the only tiling project I expected to do in the near future, I didn't want to buy a bunch of tools just for this.  It was also my first time tiling, so I wasn't sure what I'd need.

I checked out several trowels and a tile nipper for the job, and I borrowed a wet tile saw from a friend (though the tool library also has one). I checked out a floor scraper, but in the end had to use our oscillating multi-tool (NESTL has one of those, too!) to get several layers of old flooring up.  My dad joined me in sizing and cutting the cement board and tiles.  It took us longer than we expected, but I'm really happy with the results!  And, it was fun introducing my dad to the tool library.

Since then, I became a volunteer with the tool library and you may see me at outreach events sharing the news that you don't have to buy tools that you only expect to use for one project! 

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    Rachelle M.

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    Home Renovation

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  • Date

    May 22, 2021

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