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My name is Willy and I live in Pinehurst. It has been a huge joy to have the NE Seattle Tool Library in my neighborhood.

Last August, I started a lifelong dream project of building a wood-fired sauna in my backyard. I built it from scratch without any real plan except for a few hand-drawn sketches.

I managed to complete the whole project without buying a single tool! I used the tool library throughout every stage of the project. I started by building an 8'x8' platform on top of pier blocks, and then framing out an 8'x6' building on top of the platform, leaving a 2' deck in front. I used a simple 'shed roof' design and added a salvaged window and a homemade door on the front of the building. I bought a lot of the lumber from Home Depot and Dunn Lumber, but all of the beautiful 1"x10" rough-grain cedar that you see on the inside and outside of the building came from a guy I met on Craigslist (of course!) who mills the wood himself in Marblemount, right on the edge of the North Cascades.

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    April 27, 2024

Throughout the process, key tools from NESTL included: shovel, laser level, chop saw, table saw, skil saw, sawzall, tin snips, drill, and sander. It was super fun to take on this project and now it feels great to soak in my backyard sauna on a regular basis! I am very grateful to NESTL for the support!

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