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Anna Marie Wing (She/Her)

Marketing Manager

With interests in design, education, and sustainability, Anna Marie works to improve our online presence, digital user experience, and virtual connections.

About Anna Marie

I am adopted from China, but I grew up in rural Carnation, Washington in what I like to describe as “the middle of the woods”. Growing up with a mom who prioritized the environment in her teaching career and a dad who brought his engineering life home through construction projects were massive positive influences. Along with that, my personal interests in writing, art, and education lent me a hand in finding Seattle REconomy.

I first heard of the NE Seattle Tool Library through my Environmental Studies capstone project at the University of Washington, where they were looking for someone to research outreach strategies for underserved communities. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to extend that internship to a more permanent position. I look forward to learning more about the supporting the community, and I am excited to have the resources offered by the tool libraries to work on personal projects in the future.

Seattle REconomy is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit dedicated to reducing our community’s footprint and increasing our climate resilience through education and practical solutions.

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