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Robin Blomster

Board Member

Robin helps manage our digital communications and is an all-around awesome volunteer!

About Robin

The headline Robin wanted was “mistakes are the way we learn, and I’m very educated,” but we haven’t seen any from Robin yet! Here’s some actual info about Robin. . . 

Like so many, I was introduced to the tool library when I thought, “Maybe I could fix that myself.” I found everything I needed for the project and then some. I kept coming back because of the way being there made me feel. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and membership led to volunteering led to a spot on the Board and the marketing committee. I love that I’m able to bring my professional skills around communications to this work.

I love listening to and sharing with members. Working on my house is a creative outlet and how I spend a lot of my free time — planning, doing, and. . . cleaning up. I recently built a deck in my front yard with the help of seven family members, all of whom are now full tool library enthusiasts spreading the gospel back in California. Go Robin!

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