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Have any Questions?

If you have any questions about our materials and salvage services, send us a message!

What is our ReUse Materials and Salvage all about?

At the Shoreline Tool Library, we hope to salvage, or save, materials that might otherwise unnecessarily flood the landfills by offering them to new individuals for another life.

There is no such thing as “away”.
When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.

Although we are working with different organizations to offer salvaged materials, we also accept donations. Please check out our Materials Donations page to see what sort of material donations we are looking for.

Our Materials Inventory page shows what materials we have. It is not always up to date, so please call or email us to ensure availability. Items will be available for pickup during open hours, we do not deliver.

What are the benefits?

Below are a couple of goals we will be achieving by welcoming salvaged materials and allowing individuals to reuse them. 

Lower landfill usage

Increase consumption awareness

Decrease carbon emissions

Reduce habitat destruction and deforestation

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