It’s #VolunteerRecognitionDay and we want to recognize our incredible volunteers. Thank you for all of the great work you have done to help your community gain access to over 10,000 tools ⚒💚

Your help has played a foundational role in ensuring our libraries run smoothly and people have easy access to the tools they might otherwise not have. Not only that but your problem-solving and persistence have helped keep hundreds of tools out of landfills and into the hands of our community. You have also empowered so many people with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to realize their ability to create and make on their own. On top of that, you have contributed to a positive switch away from high-emission transportation and resource creation.

If you have a special story of how one of our volunteers has impacted you, please give them a shoutout. We really appreciate all of you who have donated your time and energy to help this community.

💚 Your Pals at Seattle REconomy