We are incredibly thankful to be able to support our community in various ways, so we were completely amazed by an event put on by some of our community members using resources from the NE Seattle Tool Library.

Recently, Cierra Milton and Terrell Glenn hosted Tevin’s Adaptive Toy Drive. This was an event where they taught attendees how to make adaptive toys for people with special needs. While there are numerous toy drives around this time of year, most typically do not focus on the needs of children with disabilities. Many kids with disabilities have sensory motor issues, limiting fine/gross motor skills required to play with traditional toys, which can inhibit equity in play and social interaction.

The toys that they receive will be donated to the following locations: (1) Seattle Children’s Hospital, (2) Boyer Children’s Clinic, (3) the Haring Center for Inclusive Education, and (4) Harborview Pediatric ICU.

If you’d like to contact them about future adaptive toy drives and their work, please check Cierra Milton (@ciieeerraaa) and Terrell Glenn (@glennstheore) out on Facebook and Instagram!