What is the Tool Library?

The Shoreline Tool Library is a community-built non-profit initiative to make tools and knowledge accessible to everyone. We lend our over 7,000 tools for free, just like a book library. We can reduce overall consumption and environmental footprint by sharing, reusing, and repairing tools and materials.

As we begin filling the new space and planning events and classes, there are a couple of things we could use your input on! We ask that you fill out a brief survey so that we can understand what the community wants from the Shoreline Tool Library.

Table of Contents
    Who are We?

    Part of the nonprofit Seattle REconomy, we are a growing group of community members focused on building a sustainable future that includes everyone.

    We believe in sharing abundance to minimize waste, educating individuals on proper usage and maintenance of tools, and repairing items rather than filling up landfills. We promote self-reliance and community resilience with sustainability at heart. 

    Why Join the Tool Library?
    • Save money
    • Save Space
    • Create Community
    • Save the planet
    Our Impact

    What Do You Get?

    We want to save money, time, space, and, of course, the planet by reducing consumption. And we can help you save A LOT of money in the process. You can borrow FREE  tools to:

    1. Clean your house with carpet cleaners, window washers, etc
    2. Cater and organize your events with supplies such as apple cider press, party tents, dishes, tables, chairs, etc
    3. Undertake a fun DIY project to build that bookshelf you promised your spouse 
    4. …and much more!
    But What Else Besides Tools?
    1. Advice from experienced craftspersons
    2. Educational workshops on tools, sewing, bike maintenance, basic home maintenance, earthquake retrofit, and more
    3. A seed library with free seeds!
    4. Discounts on building materials and hardware
    5. Access to our bike show and woodshop

    Add 7,000 tools to your tool belt while saving money, reducing waste, learning new skills, and embarking on DIY projects, all while building a community and helping the environment.

    Support Us

    While we offer all of the above for free, it costs us tremendous labor, time, and financial resources to run our library. Help us support the broader community with financial resources, in-kind donations, and volunteer efforts.

    Financial Support
    1. Membership

    Our optional membership fees allow you to borrow multiple tools for weeks and utilize our space. Your contribution helps us pay our coordinators’ salaries, rent, and tool upkeep. You can choose from several membership options:

    • Yearly:
      • General Public: $60 for one library
      • Dual Membership: $80
      • Student/Senior: $40
      • Dual Student/Senior: $60
      • Community Supporter: $120
    • Monthly: $20
    • Lifetime: $750

    Memberships for the Shoreline Tool Library will begin on January 6th, 2024.

    You can learn more about memberships and sign up for one here!

    We understand that some members might not be able to afford the membership fees, and we encourage them to support us in other ways.

    1. Donate online

    Donate securely through PayPal directly to Shoreline Tool Library. You can choose from monthly or one-time options or customize your giving. You’ll receive an automatic receipt for your records and instant gratitude from us!

    Volunteer Your Time

    We need ongoing support from volunteers to run our tool library. If you believe you have skills that could help support our mission, please visit the page below to learn more about volunteering.

    Donate Tools

    We are now accepting all WORKING, NON-GAS-POWERED tools. If they are battery-powered, we ask they have at least one working battery and the charger.

    We also appreciate some new and readily consumable goods, like sanding belts and sharp blades, dimensional lumber, hardware, packaged screws, windows, and doors, etc.